An original and unique collection of sunglasses and eyewear that are opulent, stunning, exotic, and each pair of glasses will support your own prescription!!  Various shapes and colors in varying styles of vintage, retro, modern, hipster, cat style and many more shapes. 

Amazing collection of stunning clear lens eye wear and eyeglasses that will support your own prescription lenses. Striking, opulent and perfect for the office!!
Each pair is hand painted and each design is unique and original.  "Turning standard eye wear into stunning art wear!!"  No two pairs alike.  Various coats of UV ray protection varnish are applied throughout the painting process to protect the brilliant colors from fading in the sunlight.
Welcome to Sunglass Shenanigans where all of our eye wear and sunglasses can support your own prescription lenses, and are each hand designed and embellished.
Visit this collection to view sunglasses, clear eyeglasses and protective hard case items that are under $50.00.
Protective cases for sunglasses and eyewear. Elegant and stylish hard protective cases that open into a triangular shape. Protect your new eye wear with a case.
Be sun-safe and FASHIONABLE and wear sunglasses all year round!  All shapes of sunglasses, hand painted and crystal embellished sunnies.  Every pair is created by hand.  Every pair is an original.